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"Do you want safe, natural asthma remedies that actually work? Do you want to be naturally free from your allergy and asthma symptoms? I personally guarantee that you really can have complete asthma relief and breathe freely again."

There are natural asthma remedies - very specific and unique bioflavonoids that genuinely work to safely eliminate asthma and allergy symptoms by addressing the cause not simply masking the symptoms.

The effectiveness of these particular natural asthma relief remedies have been thoroughly documented by medical research & clinical trials in respected medical journals and publications for the past 40 years including the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, the American Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the British Journal of Respiratory Medicine, Thorax International Journal of Respiratory Medicine, Free Radical Biology and Medicine, the Lancet, American Journal of Physiology, International Journal of Cancer and the Alternative Medicine Review among many others.

Welcome and hello, I'm Susan Millar, medical researcher and author of the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report and I want you to know that it is possible for you or a loved one who suffers from asthma to breathe free and enjoy an active lifestyle without drugs using safe, natural asthma remedies. This report is a result of my efforts to help my partner regain his health when suffering severe, debilitating asthma and the unacceptable side effects of asthma drugs that did not work. I also use these natural asthma remedies to quickly and safely eliminate my own asthma and allergy symptoms.

Let me explain exactly how these natural asthma remedies work:

Asthma remedies reduce lung inflammation

Asthma is an allergic inflammation of the lungs, which can be triggered by air pollutants, pollens, molds, dust, animal dander, chemicals, foods, exercise, or even temperature changes.

These asthma triggers produce allergens, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream causing the B cells or white blood cells to produce billions of molecules of the antibody IgE. These IgE molecules in the bloodstream then combine with the mast cells, which line the blood vessels or basophils, a type of white blood cell. Mast cells and basophils both contain histamine and serotonin, and the antibody IgE causes the mast cells and basophils to leak the histamine and serotonin into the blood stream. This, in turn, produces the symptoms of allergies and asthma, itchy, runny nose and eyes, blocked sinuses, coughing and wheezing.

These powerful asthma remedies in the form of very specific bioflavonoids and enzymes act to support the mast cells and basophils, stabilizing the cell walls, preventing them from spilling histamine and serotonin into the bloodstream and are a highly effective form of asthma relief.

In addition to this, these natural asthma remedies deliver superior asthma relief because they also prevent your body from producing of a group of fatty acids called leukotrienes or Lt's, which is the primary cause of asthma symptoms.(Lt's are formed by the combination or action of two enzymes, phospholipase A2 and lipoxygenase). These natural asthma remedies that are used in combination also act as a powerful inhibitor of these two enzymes.

Best of all, there are documented positive benefits for these natural asthma remedies: This special bioflavonoid and enzyme combination actually has healing properties that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and antihistamines lack by repairing tissues, fibers, and membranes, they strengthen the entire respiratory system by helping to regenerate tissues. These natural asthma remedies are proven to be safe and without any negative side effects and are fully documented in the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report.

Studies show that in addition to providing great asthma relief, these natural asthma remedies are useful in fighting viruses such as herpes, respiratory, polio, para-influenza type 3, and Epstein Barr. These natural asthma remedies are also a cancer preventative and are known to prevent free radical damage to the body. Their anti-inflammatory properties are also beneficial to those who have rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis and for relieving prostate pain.

These natural asthma remedies helped Chinwe Enu, an opera singer to continue living her dream when it was threatened by asthma:

Asthma relief remedies help opera singer live her dream"Hi there! Thanks!! I have been meaning to email regarding your Asthma Relief Report. My asthma is almost totally gone and I am no longer on ANY asthma medication. (In fact I stopped my asthma meds after a few days on the supplements). It is a HUGE deal that I am not on asthma drugs because as I said in my earlier email I was on Advair 500, Flovent 220, Xopenex (nebulizer), Pulmicort (nebulizer) and Singulair. I was on these drugs since Jan 2006 and none of them helped me as much as the supplements. And the drug side effects on my voice were really bad. I haven't had to use my rescue inhaler (albuterol, generic), once! And it is so great to not be on these drugs because my voice is in great shape!! By the way, I'm an opera singer- the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report continues to help me sing beautifully. It has been truly a miracle. My Graduation Recital, "How Can I Keep From Singing," is about ONE WEEK away!! I am very excited, and I hope you are too! The recital will be held on Saturday, February 5th, 2011 at 7pm at St. Luke's Parish in Bladensburg, Maryland. The recital is FREE and open to the public. So THANK YOU very much for your asthma report." Chinwe Enu, MD. USA. Contact me at

Health expert Chet Day comments on how these asthma remedies helped his young son:

Health expert Chet Day on asthma relief remedies helped his son"We started using Susan Millar's asthma treatment with our youngest son in May of 2001, and he hasn't had to use his inhaler since. I recommend Susan's method for anyone with asthma or allergies who would like to try a non-drug approach." Chet Day, health expert and author -Health and Beyond , North Carolina, USA

Claire Mlambo shares her story about how the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report helped her to breathe freely again without drugs.

Jan 23/2012 "I cannot thank u enough for the asthma remedy; it only took a week and half to feel the difference, and all of a sudden I could breath without struggle & panic. The symptoms began in the winter of 2009 when I thought I would die but did not want to be on steroid inhalers and such so I struggled without any form of rx. My older siblings had informed me that I suffered from asthma as a young child which of course I don't remember, so when the attacks began I didn't know how to help myself and all I could do was just panic and be frightened. One day however I thought of googling the info highway and there u were; and lady that was the best thing that ever happened to me and money well spent. I don't get attacks anymore. Remember that if u can't breath nothing else matters!!! God Bless You always!" Sincerely, Clare Mlambo, Ohio USA

Here's what a doctor and a registered nurse have to say about their personal experience with using the natural asthma remedies in the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report:

"I purchased your Dramatic Asthma Relief Report last year and I've had great success with it. Again, blessings to you for sharing your natural asthma remedies. For a number of years, each fall, I would get severe asthma attacks on a few occasions each season. At first I would go to the hospital where they would pump me up with prednisone, then have to be on it for a week. For the last few years, I have just had a prescription and used it as necessary w/o hospital visits. I've not had to take even 10 mg of prednisone since starting this! Since I practice alternative medicine and didn't like to have to use the drug, period, it was enlightening to see your asthma relief article and put the information to use. Thank you!" Dr. Cathy Kush, West Chicago, Illinois.

"In the early spring I ordered your asthma relief report. I had been so ill that the MD had me coming to her office every other day for breathing treatments. I was on steroids and antibiotics and getting worse. I had trouble walking to the bathroom, I was so short of breath. The last visit the doctor wanted to put me in the hospital, but I'm an RN and knew that there was nothing more that would happen there - steroids, breathing treatments and antibiotics. So, I went home and got on the internet and found your site. Praise the Lord! I started the natural asthma remedies that evening... I took 2 loading doses before I went to bed and woke up the next morning with energy. I actually walked two houses down to my mailbox, and I was able to do some much needed light housekeeping that day. Thank you again for the asthma relief information that practically saved my life."Carolyn Morris RN, Sacramento, California

A registered nurse's husband writes about her experience after trying these natural asthma remedies:

"Susan, Just a note to let you know our results concerning your Asthma Relief Report. (But I'm sure you know already.) On Oct 29, 2009, my wife was diagnosed with asthma that had her in bed most of the time. She is a nurse, and mostly opts to go with conventional medicine. I am a rebel, and I question just about everything associated with drugs. Since she was diagnosed, I've been searching the internet looking for alternative treatments, but most were questionable at best. Then I came across your website. You made sense. So I purchased your report on Monday, read it, decided everything you wrote was pretty straight forward. On top of which, no side effects, thank you. By three P.M., I had purchased the supplements. My wife took 4 capsules, and by 4 P.M., the pressure on her chest had been relieved. We have followed the stated protocol since Monday, (it is now Thursday), and her Dr. has released her to return to work. I'm sure you have received many plaudits over time, so let me say this. I sincerely hope that in Heaven, the Good Lord is placing many, many stars in your crown." Gratefully and respectfully, Ed Fair,Tampa Fla USA

Even if you have suffered from asthma & allergies for decades and have tried everything out there like we did, there are some highly effective natural asthma remedies that can help you regain your health. Here's our story:

I have suffered with asthma and severe allergies for over 40 years and grew to hate the side effects and resulting damage to my body from using expensive antihistamines and asthma drugs that never really gave me any asthma relief. For decades I've researched natural medicine looking for safe, effective natural asthma remedies and also tried every new product I could find, but had little success. Finally, I was spurred on in an urgent effort to help a friend who became extremely ill.

In 1998 I was in South America researching and documenting several projects with explorer Stan Grist. He suddenly developed severe life-threatening asthma while we were in a small, remote village in the Ecuadorian jungle. It was very frightening as he could barely breathe. To make matters worse, he coughed so much that eventually he broke a rib. He was in total agony.

We had to return to Quito to see a specialist who prescribed various asthma drugs and asthma inhalers. None of them offered effective asthma relief, plus they were quite expensive. They only masked the symptoms and didn't deal with the underlying causes of asthma. Worse, they had serious negative side effects that made Stan's life miserable and kept him completely bedridden. His life as an explorer were over. Faced with this desperate situation, I focused all of my time and energy searching to find natural asthma remedies that would give Stan some asthma relief and more importantly- his active life back. 

After extensive research looking for effective natural asthma remedies in countless clinical trials and studies from medical journals, I finally discovered very specific and unique bioflavonoids that genuinely work to safely eliminate asthma and allergy symptoms by addressing the cause not simply masking the symptoms.

These particular bioflavonoids are derived from a variety of vegetables, then combined with a fruit enzyme for proper absorption in the body. The proper dosage and combination of these natural asthma remedies is absolutely critical to their effectiveness in eliminating asthma and allergies and offering complete asthma relief. The Dramatic Asthma Relief Report uses natural asthma remedies that are based on my own independent research from internationally respected medical associations, publications & proven clinical trials and contains a bibliography of this natural asthma remedies research listed on pages 36-39. This natural asthma remedies ebook is available for immediate download to your computer so you can get started right away. The Dramatic Asthma Relief Report is completely risk free, you have 60 days to try it and if for whatever reason these natural asthma remedies don't help you I'll give your money back - no questions asked. 

With the natural asthma remedies research and detailed information in my Dramatic Asthma Relief you really can:

  • check markdiscover a simple, effective and affordable asthma relief solution

  • check markbenefit from safe, natural asthma remedies proven effective by medical research and clinical trials from respected medical journals to deliver effective asthma relief

  • check markhave complete asthma relief- breathe deeply and naturally again without coughing and congestion

  • check markbe free of asthma drugs and their dangerous side effects

  • check markstrengthen your entire respiratory system over time by healing tissues using the natural asthma remedies in the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report.

  • check markpeace of mind - prevent yourself or your loved ones from suffering a life threatening asthma attack & take back control of your life

  • check markbe free from severe allergy symptoms

  • check markfeel great again & enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle with your loved ones using 100% natural asthma remedies

  • check marksave your money instead of wasting it on dangerous drugs & ineffective asthma remedies and treatments

  • check markdiscover other asthma remedies that naturally heal and strengthen your immune, adrenal and digestive systems- all vitally important for asthma and allergy sufferers

  • check markThe Dramatic Asthma Relief Report is completely risk free, you have 60 days to try these natural asthma remedies and if for whatever reason it doesn't help you I'll give your money back - no questions asked. The Dramatic Asthma Relief Report is available as a digital file in pdf format for instant download to your computer so you can start right away

Asthma Relief Report Cover

Do you want to know why your doctor doesn't know about these particular natural asthma remedies and why they provide such safe and effective asthma relief?

There are many reasons. One of them is that most busy doctors simply don't have the time to do the months of research that it took me to uncover this asthma relief information. Sadly, some doctors don't believe in natural asthma remedies and think that drugs are the only acceptable route to take for asthma relief. Drug companies spend multi-millions of dollars a year to convince them and you that this is the case. They will even go to great lengths to discredit natural practitioners and natural asthma remedies or asthma relief treatments to protect their investments.

Do you want to know the real reasons why the drug companies don't make natural asthma relief or natural asthma remedies?

These highly effective natural asthma remedies described in detail in the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report use unique bioflavonoid and enzyme supplements that are already available at health food and vitamin stores. These natural asthma remedies or supplements can't be patented, controlled or owned by any drug company. The reality is, today it costs $1 billion to develop a drug for market and without airtight patents to protect it, there is no way for drug companies to get a return on such a massive investment with any natural asthma remedies.

Here's some interesting feedback about the natural asthma remedies that are detailed in the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report from someone who works in the drug industry:

Susan, I work in the pharmaceutical industry- I have tried a lot of drug therapies for asthma relief without any lasting success. These natural asthma remedies are working for me and I deeply appreciate you getting the word out. I started taking it & it's been helping a lot. I could barely get to the health supermarket for my first bottle, but after about 2 days I was in good enough shape to go jogging. This is something I've been struggling with since I was a kid (I'm now 30). Thank you so much for putting together the research for the asthma relief article. Avery, California USA, (last name and city withheld by request)

Asthma Relief Remedies

In the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report, I include everything you need to know about these 100% natural asthma remedies. They are simple, easy to use, very affordable and available in vitamin and health food stores. The report explains everything you need to do for full effectiveness in eliminating your asthma and allergy symptoms and regaining your health. Plus it's very easy to understand and follow. But if you need any support, I'm available to help you.

This essential natural asthma remedies information allows you to take control of your health and get your life back again, it can even help to save a life. The Dramatic Asthma Relief report is available for immediate download to your computer in pdf format.

You really have nothing to lose except your asthma and allergy symptoms.

To your good health and happiness,


P.S. If you want more detailed information about these natural asthma remedies or have questions about the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report, please see Questions & Contact

Read what relieved mothers have to say about the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report and how these natural asthma remedies helped their children:

"I was indeed delighted to find your natural asthma remedies solution to be simple and affordable. My son and I took the recommended doses according to the research in your Dramatic Asthma Relief Report. My breathing became deeper in a day. It took my son a few days to respond, but he is now sleeping at night lying down and no longer coughing and wheezing at bedtime. We both thank you for your persistent research and simple yet effective solution to asthma." -Dale and Tina Kowalchuk, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"My son is nine years old and was diagnosed with asthma when he was two. He has been struggling with this for most of his life. He has immediate reactions to the albuterol inhaler, he gets extremely week, light headed, tremors and rapid heartbeat. He has been using using the supplements (based on the research in your report) for only three days now, and we have seen a marked improvement. The blue coloring under his eyes has disappeared, he is thinking clearly, is alert and sleeping much better. Not to mention the coughing that plagues him has subsided. I am looking forward to continuing these natural asthma remedies and helping him live his sweet life happily. We are very pleased. Thank you!" -Ondreea Gurrola, Oxnard, California

Read more from others who are now asthma free due to the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report

check mark Neither you nor your loved ones ever have to suffer a potentially life-threatening asthma or allergy attack again. You can be free from harmful drugs using these natural asthma remedies in The Dramatic Asthma Relief Report. 

The Dramatic Asthma Relief Report is based on extensive medical research and details the following natural asthma remedies information:

  • check markexactly what natural asthma remedies are effective in controlling asthma and allergies and provide the best asthma relief

  • check markwhat these natural asthma remedies must be combined with to be absorbed properly 

  • check markwhat dosage is proven to be effective for asthma relief & when to take it 

  • check markhow these natural asthma remedies work to eliminate allergy asthma symptoms and prevent an attack

  • check markhow to eliminate exercise induced asthma using natural asthma remedies

  • check marksuitable for children three years old and up, recommended dosages for children

  • check markinternational sources for these natural asthma remedies supplements if they aren't available in your town or country

  • check markdocumentation of research studies and medical reports for these natural asthma remedies

  • check markadditional information on these natural asthma remedies and their health benefits, based on proven research

  • check markadditional information on three other important natural asthma remedies to heal your immune, adrenal and digestive systems, which are vital to asthma and allergy sufferers

  • check marka bonus report on Asthma Drug Side Effects

  • check marka bonus report on Asthma Prevention and Control

  • check markuseful health resource links

  • check markplus my personal ongoing support if you want it 

You have nothing to lose except your asthma and allergy symptoms because the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report is completely risk free, you have 60 days to try it and if for whatever reason these natural asthma remedies don't help you I'll give your money back - no questions asked. 

Asthma Relief Remedies

100% satisfaction

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check markEnjoy complete asthma relief. Be free from asthma and allergies using these natural asthma remedies completely risk free.

check mark Start enjoying a healthy drug-free lifestyle right away by instantly downloading The Dramatic Asthma Relief Report in digital pdf format + 5 bonus health reports.


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If you have any questions or concerns about asthma relief or these natural asthma remedies or the Dramatic Asthma Relief Report please see my frequently asked questions and answers page Questions and Contact.  

Still not sure about trying these natural asthma remedies ? 

I think you will agree after you try these natural asthma remedies yourself, that $49.97 for The Dramatic Asthma Relief Report is a very small price to pay for discovering natural asthma remedies that can truly make a significant, lasting change in the health and quality of your or your loved one's life and may even one day save a life. 

If you don't think that's the case, stop right now and think about what it costs to buy prescription asthma and allergy drugs month after month that offer little asthma relief- not to mention their harmful side effects. And that cost is nothing compared to visits to various asthma and allergy specialists, doctors or even emergency room visits because of life threatening asthma attacks. You have nothing to lose by trying these natural asthma remedies except your asthma and allergies. Complete asthma relief without drugs is possible.


Additional Information About Natural Asthma Remedies And The Dramatic Asthma Relief Report

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Get your free "Asthma Prevention & Asthma Relief Remedies: A Drug Free Guide to Natural Health" This free guide contains valuable in-depth information about asthma relief and natural asthma remedies that can prevent asthma and allergy symptoms, plus how to trace your hidden asthma and allergy triggers to help reduce and prevent attacks. It explains in detail how to re-build or strengthen your immune and adrenal systems, which is vitally important for asthma and allergy suffers. These asthma remedies will also help protect you and your family from many other diseases and illness.Click here for your free asthma relief and prevention guide.

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